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Sabine Toscana of Valley of the Fallen, Westmarch

Brief Info - Amtgarder
File:Sabineheraldry.jpg "Ferrum Pugno in Caestu Velvet"
Park Valley of the Fallen
Kingdom Westmarch
Joined 2015


A fairly new player, joined the Shire of the Valley of the Fallen on formal request of Lothar Kongouriki along with Skalkeda, her Fallen assassin consort. She is eager to new techniques whether it be on the battlefield, in A&S/R&D sessions or learning new techniques from her fellow Fallen comrades.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

moniker of Super PM

More Information

enjoys crafting weapons with Skalkeda.


300px 200px 200px
The Red Maiden With preferred weapon, the flail Sabine and Skalkeda awaiting

with comrades at FOM 2016

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