Robe of a Thousand Flurbs

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In short, a white hooded robe with a bit of a backstory, created by Miles from SG/CW.

The longer version, seeing as you're still here, harkens back to the days in which Miles, inspired by quests in which Monsters slightly more interesting than Goblins and Troglodytes were being played to rather nifty effect, started flipping through the Dor to find interesting Monsters to play. As a flurb, he wanted something interesting but hopefully useful outside of quest scenarios; at the same time, as only a novice garb-crafter, he wanted something relatively simple to make, yet just as useful. Upon realizing that a white robe was a necessary ingredient for a smattering of Dor Monsters (the Deva, Poltergeist, Ghost, and Unicorn), as well as a handful of other Amtgard Seven books' entries (Avenger, Messenger, Roc, and Salt Elemental), Miles decided that fate wasn't going to come knocking any harder and set out to create what is now known as the Robe of a Thousand Flurbs.

Miles' aforementioned novice status in tailoring gave him a rather stinging answer to his unspoken question of "It's a robe--how hard can making it be?" The Robe, sewn together entirely on Milan's sewing machine, had to be completed in stages; two panels of the front, initially meant to be made contiguous with the sides, were left flapping in the breeze for the Robe's premiere, due to time constraints. Undaunted, Miles tied each of their ends in sizable knots and used the Robe to capable effect, even in that state, for a number of weeks until it could be finished.

The Robe has since achieved a state of complete continuity, in part due to the advice and assistance of his once-professional seamstress grandmother--who was baffled as to how he put it together so oddly in the first place. Though a fervent bout of running has caused the neat closure at the neck to tear asunder, it's still come a long way since the day he sewed both sleeves on inside-out.

Interestingly, the pattern used for the Robe came from a Simplicity pattern originally designed to emulate the Jedi from Star Wars (the other, more medieval design was sold out). As the Robe is white, the pointed hood causes the Robe to that much more convincingly resemble a Ku Klux Klan uniform--a fact which Milan astutely noted at the Robe's premiere. As such, the usual requirement for Unicorns to raise their hoods while using Teleport was waived to prevent misunderstandings with the typical ethnic demographics that share the expansive park which Siar Geata called home.

The Robe of a Thousand Flurbs is accompanied by the Pants of A Thousand Flurbs for Miles' forays into playing Unicorn (theoretically, Pegasus, Centaur, Archery Mount, and Gryphon as well, though he hasn't played these as of yet), but can double as loose white garb pants, as the fur is detachable.

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