Rising Moon (Confederated)

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a defunct Confederated group of chapters, once located in the extreme north of the Pacific North West (Kelso, Wa).



A confederated group of lands, acting very much like a principality, known as Rising Moon. Golden Glade (Sheriden, OR), Dark Valley (Longview, WA), Red Smoke (Castle Rock, WA), and a few other groups north of us comprised it. The Celestial Kingdom brought this group in as a duchy mid 1995, became part of Mystic Seas early 1998. Rising Moon went defunct when most of the groups left it or joined under kingdoms directly, the last group to leave was Dark Valley as two people remained and claimed it until Mystic Seas (under King Downfall) came down and had them merge with Mithril Hills (while we were under Mystic Seas).



The Newletter of the Rising Moon was called the Herald's Bellow.