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Ferrum Crux Minion under Kain Elverez,, Man at Arms to Dedsune Macktrucketh, Revarande Raivardza, of Black Marsh, in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

Notable Quotes

”If you see Rev smiling...just run, cuz he is about to do something horrible. That creeper” - Bear Brown

"Get your Rage somewhere else troll" - Dedsune Macktrucketh

"I will not accept talons for this armor....Rev..." - Dedsune Macktrucketh

"Fattie." - Milo Lagallow

"Who are you and why have I heard about you so much?" Tyrant King Asche.


Revarande joined Amtgard back in February 2011 once...then came back during the summer of 2011. Revarande went to form Ninja No Ie, his household. Revarande joined CuMorrigan in November 2011, then was raised to a Dog status in March 2012, then Ferrum Crux picked him up as a minion. He resides in Black Marsh (Lebanon, Indiana) Where he enjoys fighting single short and armored battlegames. His favourite kind of battlegames are Quests, Militia, Quests, Ring the Bell, Warlord, and Kill your Killer, and ditching

Revarande is currently a part of Ferrum Crux, a ( great) fighting company out of the Rising Winds.

First Event was Bridgewars 2011.

Most of Everyone cannot pronounce his first name, so he goes by Rev.

My Titles: Dog of CuMorrigan *former* Ferrum Crux Minion under Talrum/Kain Elverez Rai Ninja (of his house) Man-at-Arms to Dedsune Macktrucketh Others...

Affiliated Groups

Revarande petitioned and was accepted into CuMorrigan in November 2011 and was raised to "Dog" status in March 2012 during the Rising Winds Coronation. He was later promoted to Corporal.
He is a current Minion of Talrum for Ferrum Crux.

Belted Family

Sir Kaadiart Hearts Anamayn

Notable Accomplishments

Is a part of Ferrum Crux as a minion under Kain Elverez after leaving CuMorrigan and following in the steps of Sep and Dedsune Macktrucketh.

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