Renates Bardo

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Renates Bardo, of the Barony of Cuiviëdôr Amarth, Emerald Hills

”Reborn Son of the Earth”



Began playing Amtgard in the Barony of Darkmoor, Kingdom of the Wetlands. Currently reside in the Barony of Cuiviëdôr Amarth, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills. Assumed the name Renates (or just Ren) Bardo.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • elected Baron of Darkmoor twice
  • elected Wetlands Kingdom Guildmaster of Healers once
  • Titled "Lord" by King Sable Cacaphony
  • Order of the Owl: 2
  • Order of the Rose: 2
  • Order of the Warrior: 3
  • Order of the Gryphon: 6
  • Order of the Hydra: 1

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