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Red Storm, Barony

A Barony of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For the older park of the same name, see Red_Storm_(Disambiguation).




Red Storm is a travelling troupe that fled from a Roman invasion. Two families made it safely through the passes, guided by a most unlikely ally: a Drow elf. After many months of travel they found a fertile plain to call home. Along the way news spread of the welcome that other wandering souls would find with the troupe of Red Storm. So come all ye lost souls looking for a place to rest your weary bones, share your stories, hopes and dreams! By the way does anyone understand the underdark language? We just can't seem to read his shield ....



Contacts and Directions

We meet at McClure Park in Tulsa every Saturday beginning at 1:00 pm.and play until 4pm or later. McClure Park is located at 7440 E. Seventh St (S 73rd E Ave and 7th) We will be on the Southwest side of the park, across from the swimming pool.

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