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                                               SEPT- 4Th - SEPT- 7Th
                                     Ft.Stevens K.O.A. In Astoria OR.

That's right people. Pacwar 10 will be held at the K.O.A. in Astoria OR. Where blackspire has winterbash every year. We will have our own private campground with 51 tent site's that has water and some with electric outlet's. Each campsite can hold 8-10 people. There are bathroom's and shower's located around the campground and yes we can have fire. If you look at the site map we will be located at the top portion of this map on north Jetty rd.

If you want the location and address of the KOA go here. Price for the event will be $25 for the weekend and a $10 for a day trip fee that will help pay for parking and feast.

           PACWAR CRATS
               Site-o-crat- Grand Duke Sir Moonshine
               Feast-o-crat-Regent Squire Gameface
               War-o-crat- Grand Duke Sir Moonshine.
               Secure-o-crat- Duke Sir Shortround the old.
               Gate-o-crat-Lady Bina & Lady Naomi
               Med-o-crat- Pawn shop Malik.
                     -------SCHEDULE OF EVENTS--------





12:00-SQUIRES & BELOW TOURNEY 1:00-DRAGONMASTER 1:30-WEAPONS/ARMOR CHECK FOR PACWAR 10 2:00-PACWAR 10. castle battle at Ft. Stevens battery 6:00-BATTLE OF THE BARDS! 7:00-COURT/FEAST

EARLY BIRD. Double elimination. Open weapon.

DEATHBALL. 2 Teams. Double lives. Non magic battle. Shatter battle. 1 Captian per team. Captians are immune to the deathball. ONLY The captian of a team may throw the deathball. Anyone hit bye the deathball is dead. If the deathball hits your weapon you are dead. Nothing will stop the deathball not even the monks ability to block throwing weapons. If you die tag in at your base and you are back alive. Last team standing wins.

JUGGING OF CHAMPIONS The winners of this years pacwar 10 jugging tourney will be awarded the championship title in the northwest.The winning team for next years pacwar will have to face off with the champions for a shot at the title. Pacwar jugging rules will be provided at gate and on the jugging field. Please note that you may sign in your jugging team early at gate.

SQUIRES & BELOW There will be three 15 min rounds with a 5 min break in between each round. Everyone will have a number. When you challenge someone the looser will report the winning number to one of the reeves counting wins. The winners will be the top 3 people with the most kills added up for all three rounds.

PACWAR 10. The main war for the event will be held at the FT.Stevens battery located across the street from the KOA. This is a huge 2-3 story solid stone structure with ramps,hallways, dark rooms and spiral staircases for every ones enjoyment. It even looks like and old castle. There will be some spots marked off NO FIGHTING! but that's only because safety for my people is my #1 priority and i wouldn't want someone falling 3 stories down.

Agin this year i will split up fighting company's and households as a whole because that's what pacwar is all about! being able to fight along with your company members. This will be a full life shatter battle. The object of the game is to storm the castle. I will have 1 defending team and 1 attacking team. The front of the castle will be blocked off Sept for the 2 ramps on each side of the battery, so watch your front and back defenders! I will also have a switch inside the castle on ground level that the attackers may find to open up a front gate for the next attacking round. Now the defenders will have to watch 3 ways the attackers may come through.

There will be NO mass effect spells allowed, so don't ask. If you wish to play a monster or use a summon spell and have a monster please contact me ahead of time before the main battle starts. It just all depends on what you want to play. No titans or dragons. Ok maybe 1 dragon.

PLEASE NOTE- the squires&below and the main battle will start at the battery. You must! and i do mean make hast to get ready and head up to the battery on Saturday early. we can only use the battery till 5:00pm.

BATTLE OF THE BARDS This years battle of the bards will start at 6-630 around the time when feast starts for every ones entertainment. The bards may sign in ahead of time at gate or submit there name to Squire Bluemoon for Saturdays rock battle.

DRAGONMASTER dragonmaster rules info will be coming soon.

QUEST FOR PACWAR RELICS. This will be a strait hack&slash quest for the pacwar relics. 2 will go out Thursday and 2 more will go out Friday. You can have 6 man teams any class, 1 magic user per team. Find and shatter the monster that has the pacwar relic. Once the monster is shattered and the monster gives the relic to the person who slayed them, they may NOT be looted for the relic. The person may freely give the relic to someone else. the relics going out are.....the ring of regeneration, wand of magic power, sword of omans and the hat of ironskin. The relics may only be used during the main war. any class may use the relics.

please if you have any other questions please contact me at moonshine_white

Grand duke Sir Moonshine PacWar BOD Pres.