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Amtgard Chapter
Kingdom Neverwinter
Status Barony
City Orlando, FL
Park Red Bug Lake Park
Meets on Saturdays at 1 PM
Founded 2009
Active '

The Barony of NodRama

A barony in Neverwinter, located in Cassleberry, Florida.


Amtgard chapter founded in February of 2009 by Sir Venus and Sir Nocturne. Formerly known as Bloodstone, the group has reformed and changed playing locations and time. Nod Rama meets at Red Bug Lake at 1 PM and is in the process of growing its population. The park still meets and the Facebook page is a good way to stay in touch with its members.


  • Baroness - Cat
  • Regent - N/a
  • Champion - N/a
  • Chancellor - [[]]

Contacts and Directions

NodRama meets 1pm-6pm on Sundays, at Red Bug Lake Park, 3600 Red Bug Lake Rd, Casselberry, FL‎ 32707, which is in NE Orlando.


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