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Many of the monsters listed here are from an outdated version of the various rule books and supplements. For an up to date monster list, go here: Category:Monsters

The Monsters of Amtgard

This is a listing of all the known Monsters of Amtgard from the Rulebook and the Dor Un Avathar, as well as those in the Rulebook Expansions put out by the Amtgard 7 Expansion Group.

Remember Kids! Uncle Randall says; "Monsters where people make kick-ass monster garb are loads of fun and improve the game. Monsters where people wear a tiny piece of fur or some face paint and claim to be a were-ape are retarded."

From the Dor Un Avathar

From Nautical Nights

From By Night They Dance

From Welcome To The Jungle

From the Book of Engoku

From the Celestial Codex

Monsters still in play test