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Amtgard Chapter
Kingdom WM-Heraldry-new.pngWestmarch
Status Barony
City Sacramento, California
Park Howe Community Park
Meets on Saturdays 11am till 4pm
Founded 2013
Active Active

A Barony of the Kingdom of Westmarch, located in Sacramento, California



Founded on June 14 2013, by Blackfang Red-Moon (now Xen'drik) and Therrin Greycloud. Mistyvale is a shire that originally created to bring back together the co-founders friends. It has become much more. Mistyvale has become a refuge for lost travelers and tired souls. Mistyvale is a place to recapture the essence of who you once were. A place to learn who you truly are. A place to rise to your greatest potential. We are Mistyvale and we are here to stay.

Joined the Kingdom of Westmarch. January 7, 2015

Presented an Audit in January 2015 that was graded an excellent, but was not counted for promotion as it did not cover a time we were in Westmarch.

August 2015 Audit results: Excellent. 2nd in a row (Only 1 counts)

January 2016 Audit results: Excellent. 3rd in a row (Only 2 count)

After receiving an Excellent on 2 sequential audits and with an average of over triple(70+) the required monthly uniques (20), Mistyvale was voted to become a Barony over the weekend of March 12th and 13th, 2016

August 2016 Audit results: Excellent. 4th in a row (Only 3 count)

December 10th 2016 was the first set back. By a vote of 12 for, 66 against, and 5 abstain, the Populous of Westmarch Core lands decided NOT to grant core status to Mistyvale.

March 3rd 2018 We put in to become a Duchy, it was voted down 12 yes, 28 no 9 abstain

November 8th 2017 was the second set back. By a vote of 12 for, 22 against, and 6 abstain, the Populous of Westmarch Core lands decided NOT to grant core status to Mistyvale.

December 31st 2016, voted in our first Board of directors.

January 2017 Audit results: Excellent. 5th in a row. (Only 4 count)

August 2017 results: Excellent 6th in a row (Only 5 count)

December 30th 2017 voted in our BoD

February 15, 2018 Audit Results: Excellent 7th in a row! (only 6 count)

March 3-4, 2018 Althing to become a Duchy 12 aye 28 nay 9 abstain.

August 17 2018 Audit Results: Excellent 8th in a row (only 7 count)

September 8-9 2018 Althing Results

Mistyvale Core: 17 aye, 18 nay, 7 abstain, 2 postpone. Mistyvale remains non-core.

Mistyvale Duchy: 11 aye, 23 nay, 6 abstain, 4 postpone. Mistyvale remains a Barony.

Our Demos

We marched in the Santa Parade in Down Town Sacramento. December 2013. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

We hosted Knights of Badassdom at Tower Theater to a sold out theater. April 2014

We marched in the 4th of July Parade July 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

We marched in the Howl O ween parade 2016, 2017

We held a Demo at Raley Field during a River Cats game on June 4, 2016

Amtgard demos for the local Fairy Tale Town, 1-2 times a year beginning 2014

Yearly Demos with local small fairs including Fairy Festival, All Hallows Sonora Fair (4 years running),

Pagan Festival (2014) (2015) (2016) (2017)

PanGaia (2015)(2017)(2018)

Our Growth

Our unique number attendance by year
2013 - 81 unique attendees
2014 - 216 unique attendees
2015 - 364 unique attendees
2016 - 392 unique attendees
2017 - 327 unique attendees


This is a partial list of Mistyvale people with AmtWiki pages. For a more comprehensive list of players including those without Wiki pages, check Mistvale's ORK roster.

Current Officers

Past officers can be found on the Mistyvale Monarchy page.

Mistyvale Board of Directors


Contacts and Directions

  • Facebook logo.jpg

Meetup - https://www.Meetup.com/Mistyvale

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mistyvale/

Lady T 916-412-7277

Howe Community Park 2201 Cottage Way Sacramento CA, 95825

Saturdays 11am till 4pm

A&S Wednesdays 6pm til 9 at Great Escape Games Howe and Hurley, behind the Ross.

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