Jaxom Ironwood

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Jaxom Ironwood of Solstice, Crystal Groves



Jaxom Ironwood began in july of 2005 in the now Kingdom of Crystal Groves. From the beginning he formed House Ironwood. After a brief stint in the Sentinels of Virtue fighting company formed by Huntiel, Jaxom formed the Ironwood Defense Force(IDF),an RP based fighting company set on the protection of Crystal Groves from all adversaries.

House Ironwood has been very successful in service work to the Kingdom of Crystal Groves and the Barony of Solstice earning an Order of the Flame from Solstice.

Affiliated Groups

  • Lord of House Ironwood
  • Banded Brother(Scout Cpt)
  • Sentinels of Virtue(squad leader)
  • House of the Shadow Moon( counselor)

Belted Line

MaA to Lord Squire Haze Shadowmoon

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Scout
  • Guildmaster of Scouts( 2008-present)