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Highest Title Belt line Haro Hailblade, of Goldenvale Proper, Goldenvale

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My Name is Haro Hailblade, I am a monk of the temple of four winds and I enjoy fighting very much. I don't like spells or chanty skills much because its too much talking but I like the little something extra they add to my build as I develop in the game. My character is very chaotic and is trying to find a proper balance between his love of freedom and his temple's discipline that he knows he must strive for. Haro stays in Goldendale because he has a small family that does well to put up with and team up well along side the wayward monk. Haro has recently come back from a journey in the desert and has grown up a bit, but still has a ways to go before he is a master. He walks a particular path, however, due to recent events in his life with his master's death and the appearance of a Kirin in his life, Haro has started getting serious about his development into a warrior scholar, and even started walking in the way of the sage. Some day Haro hopes to become the kirin sage, and have the wisdom his mentor once had, the wisdom he had once refused and now sought out.

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