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Halavere the Huntsman, of Belial Peaks, Westmarch

”The woods are dangerous, for the right price I'll see you through alive.”


Halavere is a woodsman, trapper, guide and hunter from the forest that surround the Belial Peaks encampment. First contact with the quiet woodsman was as a guide for a warparty, but due to both his knowledge of the land and its gifts and combat efficiency, he was offered a place amongst the cutthroats and mercenaries. Over the few short weeks of his joining, he has hinted very little from his past, or why he chose to reside within the dark forest. He doesn't actually stay within the encampment often, but when he does he sets up small shelters on the fringe, and spends most nights by a small fire staring off intently into the abyssal darkness; grey eyes intent on finding some quarry within.

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