Greenwood Keep

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A Barony included in the Kingdom of Northern Lights, located in Lacey, Washington

This chapter tends to run class battlegames and runs a quest regulary (some of these are thought out in advance and follow a story-line, others just thrown together on the whim if players want to quest in the woods instead of battlegame in an open-field).


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Greenwood Keep is a member group of the Kingdom of the Northern Lights, a group of lands formed in Washington state which have recently become a Kingdom. Originally founded in the spring of 1999 by Trevor DuNordmotte, Margaret, Balinor Darkwolf, Savaen, and Edgar, in Lacey, Greenwood Keep quickly grew with players both old and new. Achieving the status of Barony, GWK continued on and became a well known part of the Mystic Seas. After a bit of hardship and flagging attendance, GWK was recently restarted in January of 2011 and is growing again, trying to, and so far succeeding at reclaiming its place in the Pacific Northwest.




Meet each Sunday beginning around 12:00.

Greenwood Keep meets for battlegames Sundays at 12:00pm until we get tired at Wonderwood Park (5300 32nd Ave SE) in Lacey, Washington. To get there, take I5 to exit 109. Turn west on Martin Way. Left on College St. Left on 31st Ave. Right on Impala Dr. Left on 32nd Ave.

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