Feast of the Rising Sun

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== Gathering Under the Rising Sun Presented by: Shire of Green Water Valley ==

March 13,14,and 15 2009

Winter's Edge Crown Qualifications will be held.

Location: 6101 State Route 34 south Culloden WV

"If you want a fire near your tent please bring your own Pit. We do not want to anger the owners of the land with lots of holes. Firewood for sale of site"

Please Note The Prices Entry Fee: $20.00 Children under 14: $10.00

For those only coming for Qualifications there is no charge at gate. However if you are wanting to partake in Saturdays meals the cost at gate is $10.00. If you arrive on site Saturday and camp you must pay full gate price.



Troll Gate Opens - 4:00pm

5:00pm Arrival Dinner provided by House Arkain.

Open Ditch/Meet and Greet - 5:00pm-12:00am


9:00-10:00am Breakfast

11:00am A&S Quals Entries Due

11:00pm Jugging Tournament

2:00pm Troll Gate Closes

1:00pm Militia/Company battle

3:00pm Combat Tournament

6:00pm Quest

7:00pm Feast

8:00pm Court

9:00pm Gaming and Fun Time


11:00am Breakfast

12:00pm Two Sides Collide

3:00pm Pack and Clean

4:00pm Off Site

Militia/Company battle- Minimum team size is 3. Fight and capture your enemies flag. The team with the most flags at the end of 30 mins wins.

A&S Tournament- Entries must be turned in no later than the deadline.

Combat Tournament- Single Sword (4' or less), Florentine (two short non-hinged weapons), Sword/shield (sword 4' or less and shield 8 square feet max), Open, Great Weapon (longer than 4'), and Archery. Sign ups at Troll.

Jugging Tournament- Teams of 5 each. Sign ups at Troll.

Two Sides Collide- Full Class two teams will collide in battle as a end to the Gathering. Sign up for Teams will be at Troll.

Hope to see you all there...

In Service,

Lord Master Jax Arkain

Lord of House Arkain

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