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Dragle Gorush of Autumn Grove


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Started on June 14th 2009 in Autumn Grove when his good friend Rafn brought him along.

Character History

Hello, my name is Dragle Gorush. You can call me Dragle. This is the tale of how I became a member of the Shire of Autumn Grove.

I was born in the lush forests of the South. My father, Eagon Gorush, was a simple woodsman. My mother, Lenar, was a basket weaver. We lived a simple life, living off of the land as much as possible. We had a small hut by a river. My parents thought that since we lived way beyond the back of beyond, we would be safe from the troubles of the nation. However, my father, ever the practical man, taught me to use the staff and the axe since the day I was strong enough to lift them. He always said, "Boy, expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised when the best happens." Well, he was right. The worst thing that could happen,did.

I still remember the day of my 14th birthday, when the river ran red.

It started off like any other day. We woke up with the birds and the dawn to start the long trek up the hill to chop trees for the local regent. When we reached the old road, my father stopped. He bent over and looked at some tracks on the road. He looked at me, his face pale, saying simply, "Run boy, and hide. Do NOT come out until well after the moon has risen. If I don't come and get you by noon on the morrow, take my axe and the staff I made for you and run to the north. Find the mountains and stay there." He took off running back towards the house yelling for Mom to pull his stuff out of the trunk. THEY were here.

I took to the woods I was raised in and snuck back to the house so I could figure out what was going on. My father trained me well; I make no noise in the woods. As I got closer and closer to the house, I could here my Mom and Dad arguing. "We could just run. We have before. They will kill you if we don't run. You know they will."

"I am done running. I already told the boy to hide and take off tomorrow if I die. Now get the trunk from underneath the floor while I gather the components I am going to need if we are to survive this day."

"I won't!!" screamed my mother. "I will NOT watch you go out there and get yourself killed over this land. We can find another grove for you to tend. You know as well as I do that we can. We have done it before."

"No. This is the land our son grew up on. That fact means more to me than anything else this world ever will know. We fight. Now get the trunk and get your bow. I have just about everything ready."

Just then I heard a roar and saw dark shapes flying towards the house.

They were darker than night. The very sight of them froze me to the spot where I stood. I had never even dreamt of anything more terrifying. The very light seemed to flee from them.

I knew to my very core this was the day I was going to die.

No sooner did I think that then I saw smaller shapes coming down the trail to the house: Goblins by the scores, Orcs with wicked looking whips, and 2 Giants in the back shouting orders.

"Goodbye Mom, Dad. I hope you make it out of there." I thought.

Just then, a flame shot out of the house and plowed one Orc right in the snout. "Is this all you brought Sables? After we killed your brothers, you insult us with this puny lot? HAHAHA!!"

Is my mother insane? Did she WANT to die? Who knows,but her words seemed to make the things flying in the air even madder.

Then my father spoke the last words I would ever hear from his lips: "Extension! May the power of nature and the fire of the earth protect this area from intrusion." He said it over and over again. What is he doing? Then, he said it one last time. No sooner had the last word left his mouth then my house exploded in a giant ball of flame. That same flame killed the flying nightmares and more than 4 score of the foul creatures on the path. That was all I saw as I flew backwards through the woods. Then the darkness descended.

When I woke up, the sun was setting and this terrible smell drifted through the air. It was acrid to the taste. It reminded me of the smell a burning deer made when you cooked the fur off of it.

I put my hand down to push myself up and screamed in pain. I looked down. My left arm was ripped open from the arm down. It looked as if someone had taken a knife to my arm and tried to rip my veins out. There was a long gash going down my arm and on the top of my hand. It burned like there was a fire in my arm. It took all of my self control to stand up and start walking. I walked to the river. I was going to wash my arm out and bandage it so that I may live. Forgotten were the horrible events that took place who knows how long ago. I made it to the river right as the sun started to dip below the horizon. One look at the river and I knew here was a bad place to try and wash anything. It was as red as the blood coming out of my arm. The very sight of all of that blood brought back the memories of the fire and my parents. I turned around and started to run back to the house. Then I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I fell and hit my head. The world went black for a second time that day.

When I woke up this time, there was a fire going in front of me.

"So you finally woke up, huh? Took you long enough." came a voice I had never heard before.

I looked over and there stood the tallest, angriest man I had ever seen. He easily stood 4 cubits tall, and probably weighed a good 12 stone. He had bright red hair, and wore a bear skin cape with a bloody paw print on it.

"What day is it?" I asked.

"Just another day in Paradise" was his retort.

And that is how I met my friend, my leader, my brother: Rafn.

After many moons with Autumn Grove, I finally felt the wanderlust lure into my blood. So I traveled far south where the summer never dies. There I meet the shire of Twilight Moon. They welcomed me in with open arms and now I shall be here until the wanderlust strikes again.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments


  1. Prime Minister of Autumn Grove July 2009 - December 2009
  2. Regent of Autumn Grove April 2012-October-2012

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