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Highest Title, Belt line Dmitri Petrovinsky, of Park Kingdom

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Dmitri Petrovinsky, in the higher echelons of Novambiskan government, is a name both feared and respected. He is known by many names, the Black Arrow, the Hand of the People, and the Justicar (no relation to the justicar company). He is the head of the rebel forces against the Novambiskan Aristocracy he used to be forsworn to. In his days as an Aristocrat assassin, he saw much injustice and evil within his homeland, yet unfeeling. Until he was forced to kill someone he'd never thought to fight, his father, an important resistance figure, a symbol of hope for the people. Vladmir Petrovinsky was a man of principle, and as father of Dmitri, he expressed many of his skills in hunting, fighting, and stalking to his son. This man stood almost alone against the Fascist Aristocracy and did so until the end. As his father met his end, he was revealed to these secrets, a crest on the bracers of his father, inspired him. He hung up his mask for good, disappearing for months, coming back in righteous fury.

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