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Discord '09!

Effective Discord '08, the overall operation of Discord will be overseen by a Board of Directors currently consisting of Katzu the Farquestor, Kathrynn St. James, and ArchMalace. However, the point is to give the people the best possible event we can, and to do that we're opening the door to submissions.

Stick-jock version - Your idea wins and we will fund and support the Discord event you will run!

For those familiar with the way Wizards of the Coast chose the Eberron game world, the bid system will be similar.

* ROUND 1 - Starting May 12th and going until June 1st, the Discord BoD will accept a 1-page summary of your Discord event idea to discordbids@gmail.com. These bids will be sealed until June 1st, after which the Board will select either the best 1/4 of the bids or the best 2, whichever is greater. We will contact the event designers of the winning bids no later than June 15th to enter round 2.

* ROUND 2 - The finalists will each have until August 1st to develop the full event write-up, get their full crat staff together, and supply the board a fully designed 'frame' for the event. These will again be submitted to discordbids@gmail.com and shall remained sealed until the deadline, after which the winning bid will be selected no later than August 15.

* STIPULATIONS - Only the winning event write-up becomes 'property' of the Discord board of directors (with the caveat that the writer can submit the event as their own work into A&S tourney's for judging purposes.) If the winning entry has not reached 'finishing touches' stage of development by February 1st, 2009, the Discord board reserves the right to take over the event and complete it, though doing so shall be an extreme move to make sure the event happens and won't be used to screw somebody out of credit.

Putting this out there so aspiring autocrats can come to Discord with an eye towards running it.

Sir Katzu the Farquestor, Master Smith & Board Member of Discord Never Dream Small