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Warlord Duke Sir Deimos, of Seven Sleeping Dragons, Kingdom of Westmarch

Deimos' Heraldry
Home Park Seven Sleeping Dragons
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 1998
Noble Title Duke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame

Knight of the Sword

”Evil pays better, They get to pillage.”


Baron Deimos mugs to the cameras during his Squiring ceremony a long, long time ago.


First day of Amtgard was at a demonstration at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. First shot I took was an overhand strike right across the bridge of the nose from a fellow who was larger than me wielding a 6'+ sword, back when the rule was 1 pound per foot of length for red weapons. Knocked me on my ass, blackened both eyes, and I've been hooked ever since. During my time at Seven Sleeping Dragons, I've been champion for around 10 straight years before serving 2 terms as Monarch (one of them extended by 3 extra months). I've been in Westmarch office for, jeez, 2+ years now (Champion x2, Monarch x2, GMR).

I received my Man-at-Arms belt at Darkshore X from Lord Sir Keluric Tryst (at the time, Squire Keluric Tryst). I received my Squire's belt at the Northern Invasion of Crimson Sanctum event, August 16, 2008. I challenge anyone to find a better belted family to belong to.

At Feast of Mars IV, I started my own little belted family by offering a Man at Arms belt to Griffin Köford. He foolishly accepted, and is now tethered to a sewing machine and a computer (I don't want him slacking on his Prime Minister duties). Griffin is an Amtgarder after my own heart: he is unable to get out of office, his fighting skills are continually improving, he knows the pain of garbing, and is embarking on leatherworking. He is also known for continually making bad puns, much to the chagrin of his liege.

I've had a great 10+ years in Amtgard, and I hope to be around for 50+ more.

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Sir Thorn Crossbearer

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armor.jpg Baron Deimos at the Invasion of Crimson Sanctum

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