Crystal Groves Proper

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Amtgard Chapter
Crystal Groves
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status Grand Duchy
City Hagerstown
Park Doub Woods Park
Meets on Sundays 1:00pm
Founded 1999
Active Active

The Grand Duchy of Crystal Groves, Under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves, located in Hagerstown, Maryland.


Founded in July of 1999 by Lady Cira, Sir Vasa, Sir Roland, and Dame Angela. Crystal Groves Duchy laid the foundation for the kingdom of Crystal Groves and was the central chapter until the kingdoms moved from static to Floating Crown.

Date Level
Jul 99 Became a Shire
Jan 02 Became a Barony
Jul 03 Became a Duchy
Jul 07 Became a Kingdom
Jan 10 Became a Duchy & Kingdom became a Floating Crown
Jan 15 Became a Grand Duchy


See CG Monarchy for a listing of previous officers for the Duchy.

Contacts and Directions

Sundays, around 1:00pm until people start leaving. Lately we've been playing until dark.

Directions: Hagerstown, Maryland. Doub Woods Park go to Washington County Technical High School, 50 West Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, MD. We meet in the park, called Doub Woods Park, right behind the back parking lot.


Amtgard Chapters within the Kingdom of Crystal Groves
Kingdom Seat: Crystal Groves Proper

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