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Squire Cruz, of the Northern Holdfast IM

We're even! We're even! I saw your asshole!



Cruz began playing Amtgard in 2002 in Wavehaven, he then played in the Northern Holdfast where he has been a member since.

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of Hús Vetra Skald and former member of Bellator Adamas member of The Cobra Kai

He and Leo have started their own household called the Ninja Turtles

Member of Wu Tang since Rakis 2007

Innocent of WWAD

Grand Wizard of WWAD

Belted Family

Cruz is Squired to Sir Moss

Notable Accomplishments

  • He has served as Ducal Prime Minister twice in the Northern Holdfast
  • The "camera man" of the Iron Mountains, his computer archives contain more than 8 hours of Amtgard video and Tons of Pictures.
  • He was an active member/editor of the IMU

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one of the Three C's

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