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Dust Dancer
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Wind Dancer
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Lord Captain Squire MaA Crispin (Just call me Crispy) Silvermane of Traitor's Gate, Celestial Kingdom

"If I was to light you on fire, would you get brighter?"



COC 6 : Crispin (Todd McCown)

By joint agreement between myself (Monarch), KPM Weasel and GMR Squire Hercule (Mark Holmes) The Celestial Kingdom does hereby suspend Crispin (Todd McCown) until May 16th 2019 (4 months) under Code of Conduct #6.

-Founding member of Hyl Tao in Mesa, Az. (1997-1998)

-Founding member of Ardent Sands in Mesa, Az. (1999-2003)

-Member of High Oasis in Phoenix, Az. (2008-2011) (Regent March 2010-September 2010)

-Member of Obsidian Gate in Tucson, Az. (2011-2013)

-Founding Member of Brigands Pass in Casa Grande, Az. (November 2013 to March 2014)

-Captain of the Lady Nightwish- "Preemptive Nautical Salvage Experts" (PNSE).

Wardancer - Wave Dancer

Man at Arms to the Lady Kiiri Duabhor

Squire to Sir Shadow Dragon

Lord tittle given by King Manthax of the burning lands (1/2014)

The title of "Anti-Scout" bestowed by King Randall of Dragonspine (7/2001)

Former Head Admin. of the Amtwiki from Jan. 2014 to Jan. 2017.

Belted Family


  • Member of the Scribes Guild: Specializing in Wood burned plaques.
  • Self taught leather working:
      • A&S Champion Spring War 2014
      • Ck Dragon Master Feb. 2017


The Elvin Ship Nightwish as she escaped from Arborlon's Fall.

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