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Stenius Bustanado, the Pantsless, of Sylvan Reaches, Westmarch

Bustanado Profile.jpg
Bustanado's Heraldry
Home Park Sylvan Reaches
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2015
Noble Title None
Belt Status None

”WAAAAAAARGH!!!” ~ Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Prophet of the Waaagh!


Recruited and trained by Rill in early 2015, Bustanado (latin: "To beat with a stick") first attended Amtgard on March the 15th, 2015 at Wyvern's Spur in Westmarch. In May of 2015 he spent 39 hours awake in an attempt to make a pair of hakama for the 2015 War of the Darkshore resulting in arriving just before dark the second night of Darkshore XVIII with a distinct lack of awesome pants; instead of which he wore a stormtrooper onesie with the top down and tied around his waist. On June 7th, 2015 he was awarded, along with First Order of the Dragon for performance at court, the non-noble title of "The Pantsless" in recognition of his stubbornness, drive, insanity, and utter failure in the quest to make garb pants. On July 4th of the same year he re-founded the formerly defunct land of Sylvan Reaches with Rill.

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