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The Briny Deep

A mythical flood bog, lost somewhere in Westmarch's past.


Mathis invading the Wavehaven swamp.
The Briny Deep is a small group dedicated to the swampy portion of the field every winter in the pre-drought Duchy of Crimson Wood. Started originally by Baron Sir Keluric Tryst and Styder, who were its first defenders during a battlegame. Since then the membership has grown.

In January 2009, a smaller Briny Deep flood bog was spotted at Wavehaven during Westmarch's Infernal Invasion Quest. This swamp was invaded, conquered, and danced in by Mathis, thus consecrating it.

Household Members

Baron Sir Keluric Tryst, Grand Vizier of the Briny Deep
Styder, Archbishop of the Briny Deep
Baroness Dame Gwendair Tryst, Sea-Witch of the Briny Deep
Baronet Squire Torbjorn Kegslayer, Tiny Briny of the Briny Deep
Squire Xiaho, Sea Salt of the Briny Deep
Thalias Darkshine, Step-Briny of the Briny Deep
Mathis, Altar-Briny of the Briny Deep

Household Photos

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