Bremen's Fortress

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Amtgard Chapter
Bremen's Fortress
The Kingdom of Westmarch
Status Shire
City Placentia, California
Park Kraemer memorial park
Meets on Thursday 5 pm
Founded 2015
Active Yes



Bremen's Fortress Was formed by a Group of Belegarth Fighters that wished to Play amtgard. We started to have Pratices across from the Apartment complex that most of us lived in. After a time, we added more and more fighter, eventually adding amtgard spicific players. we are a battle game heavy group, usually playing at least 2 battle game in our 3 hour pratice. We made a shire. Named it Bremen's Fortress.

Was officially voted in as a sponsored land of Westmarch in May 2015.


Nos Bluedae Exile Reverend Forsaken Fhirrin
Booger Sunshine Bacchus_Springjaw Tordek
Johan JayKay Whiskey Rumble
Amethyst Crixus Seabear Smithy
Willy Nilly Gelem Tanis Nerokos
Thistle Quinn Stitch Feather
Black Rabbit Link


  • Sheriff: Thaddeus
  • Regent: None elected
  • Prime Minister: Nerokos
  • Champion: None elected
  • GMR: None elected

Other Positions

  • Lore Master: Reverend Forsaken

Contacts and Directions

Kraemer Memeroial park, 400 S Chapman Ave Placentia Ca 92870 bacchusarcher at gmail dot com

[Facebook logo.jpg]


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