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Baronet Baernoir, the Virtuous, of Crimson Wood, Westmarch

”If you have enemies you can't kill, think harder.” -Gaurdain, Grandfather of Baernoir



Full name: Baernoir aer Baergaur aer Gaurdain Verbannir the Virtuous. translation: [Northbear son of Bearwarrior son of Warrior of Death, the Exiled] the Virtuous

Baernoir, often called "Baer" for short (and thus misspelled "Bear" for semi-obvious reasons), remains one of Crimson Wood's most recognizable Barbarians. His Berserk announcement yell easily surpasses the prescribed audible range of 50 feet; the fervor of his cry often inspires younger Barbarians to attempt similarly-resounding shouts, and has thus been the cause of more than one case of laryngitis.

Baernoir grew up the son of a Barbarian King in the Lands of the Rivered Plains. Born the third child of King Baergaur of the Tribe of the Red Eye. He had everything he wanted (including an education at the hands of his father's Taleteller). His peoples where prosperous and such successful raiders that over the generations the Tribe of the Red Eye had incorporated many different "savage" tribal cultures. Then one day he committed a crime by his people's traditions and was exiled. After travelling the world trying his hand at adventuring and even the life of a high seas pirate, he was stranded in a strange land he would later find out was called Crimson Wood. He was found by a man named Rufelous, with a broken great sword in one hand and an empty jug of rum in the other. Rufelous called himself a Warder and instantly took a liking to the strange man knowing he was of the Clan of the Red Eye but obviously was also a pirate from the seas to the West. Introducing the strange barbarian to the rest of the Warders, Baernoir found a welcoming home and a place where he could make friends once again despite his past. (Stay tuned I have much more of this already planned out including a family tree. I will post further when I have the words for such an epic tale.)

Affiliated Groups

Baer is a Defender in the Brotherhood of Azor.

Founding Member of Tribe of the Wild Blood.

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Notable Accomplishments

Baernoir was styled "The Virtuous" for his role in Will Northam's quest events of 2006-2007.

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