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Lord Paragon Wizard Azalin d’Vraxzal, of Seven Sleeping Dragons, Kingdom of Westmarch

Azalin's Heraldry
Home Park Seven Sleeping Dragons
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status N/A


Studying the enemy force at Darkshore XIX


The wizard Azalin d'Vraxzal started Amtgard in the Barony of the Seven Sleeping Dragons in San Luis Obispo. He has since broadened his studies to the healing and necromatic arts of the healer, and currently dabbles in the warrior arts. He has held several offices, though he has shown special fondness for Prime Minister. When not causing magical mayhem or releasing monsters and other experiments upon the land, he is either at the sewing machine (working on the latest class robes or monster garb), or reviewing the various monsters on the Amtgard X Group's facebook page.


  • Paragon Wizard - Awarded by Sir Deimos, King of Westmarch May 2015
  • Lord - Awarded by Sir Deimos, Baron of the Barony of the Seven Sleeping Dragons (by permission of King Jareth) December 2013

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