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"Austin was made to Train the faithful."-Rand

A history of Amtgard

Over it's many years of Amtgard play Austin Texas and it's suburbs have been home to no less than thirteen Amtgard chapters. Some of the known parks include, Thule, Brightlands, Tirana, Zinora, Osteltian Plains, Drakonroc, Ardeth's Gate the principality of Tirasol, Slaughter Creek, Avalon's Gate, Nocturnis and Tori-Mar.

The first Grand Duchy to exist out side of the Burning Lands was founded in Austin, the Grand Duchy of Barad Duin. After a series of miscommunications Barad Duin left Amtgard and formed a new LARP called the High Fantasy Society. Tori-Mar, Austin's Longest standing chapter was born from that conflict, and it still standing today.

A city by any other name

Many nick names and aliases have cropped up over time. Some of the locals call Austin Amtgard Ditch Central because of it's Old Gaurd's tendency to spend most of their time ditching. EHers call Austin The Jaded Amtgarders Retirement Home because so many of their expatriates, many of them Green Dragons moved south and then left the game. Still others refer to it as "Torch Fighter Practice" because no matter what park is up, or which have disappeared forever, there will always be Torches fighting some where in the city.

Active Austin Parks

Currently, if you get the hankerin, you can play amtgard at Tori-Mar on Wednesday nights at hyde park, On Sundays at Slaughter Creek at Mary Moore Searite park, or on Saturday afternoons with the good people of Nocturnis in Cedar park.