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Lady Arriana Hale of Aureus Saltus, of Westmarch

"Your Friendly Neighborhood Amtgarder"



Rampant winged wolf with red fur, black feathers and white shield.


Started Amtgard in 2013 with Fayt Horizon as Co-Founder and Prime Minister of Aureus Saltus. Received the noble title of Lady in May 2016 at Darkshore XIX. Arriana originally played Archer and Warrior in Amtgard rule set v7, however, she transitioned to a Healer when the v8 rule set was adopted. She primarily fights using a sword and shield. She is known for her love of flurb, so don't be afraid to act in character around her.

Back Story For The Flurbs

(Kind of a rough description, in need of editing)

Arriana Hale, the eldest of three sisters (her sisters are Althea Hale and Adelaide Hale) was born to two simple paupers within the small farming town of Kayle beside the Howling Woods. Arriana was raised like a son, working on the fields by day, hunting for her family during the night, always at her father’s side. Times were hard within the town of Kayle, as merchants arrived less and less to purchase crops due to the increased orc parties attacking travelers on the roads. As Arriana grew of age, her mother became less and less accepting of her eldest daughter’s boyish ways, scorning her for her dirt stained tunics, muddy boots and breeches. She convinced Arriana’s father that the only way the family would survive is if Arriana was married off to a wealthy man, and in order to do so she would have to be sent off to school to change her ways. Arriana was furious, and threatened to leave, but she couldn't bare to let her family go hungry if there was a way for her to help. She was sent away to an etiquette school for women, where she was to learn both the ways of becoming a classy young lady, as well as becoming educated in politics, literature, religion, etc. She was to marry the Lord who was in charge of their town, and it pained her to think of being married to such a cruel, and idiotic man. When she arrived at the school, she instantly regretted her decision. Those in charge were abusive, beating those who stepped out of line or who spoke without being summoned to do so. She learned much about the world, as well as about herself, as she rebelled for three years within the custody of the school. Finally as her fourth year came, she ran away from the school, tired of the constant fight for freedom. She ran to the nearest town, where she disguised herself as a man. From there she made it her goal to return to her home, where she would be reunited with her family. She was confident that the education she received at the school would allow her to find a job to help provide for her family. Even if she hated the “women’s lessons” she had received, she had learned much in the way of scholarship. She then traveled the roads on her own, armed with a bow, a blade, and a shield, searching for her homeland.

Hardly a year into her search Arriana found herself in desperate need of money. Luckily for her, she heard news of work for willing adventurers in a Port Town to the South. She decided to pursue the work, uncaring of what the job may be for she figured it would only help her in her goal to become reunited with her family. However, unbeknownst to Arriana, accepting this job would change her life forever. But this is an exceptionally long tale, and would best be told around the warm glow of a campfire.

After her eventful adventure, Arriana found herself in the companionship of Garren DawnMoore, a great warrior from the deserts north of her homeland. The two of them traveled several years together, when one day they were stopped in the road by a hooded man in green, his bow aimed at Arriana's heart. The man asked them what their business was in these parts, and his demeanor led to a vicious argument between himself and Arriana, who had immediately drawn her sword. The argument was put to an abrupt stop, however, almost having gone to blows, when a young woman walked up from behind the man in green. The two women recognized each other instantly, for it was Arriana's youngest sister Adelaide. Adelaide explained to Arriana that their home had been destroyed by an orc raid, and that she had been saved by this man, Fayt Horizon. Their parents had been slaughtered, though it was uncertain as to what had happened to their other sister Althea. Devastated, and still infuriated by Fayt's threats, Arriana let her sister lead her and Garren to the settlement that Adelaide and Fayt were living in. The settlement, more like a large wandering band of gypsies in Arriana's eyes, was called Aureus Saltus. Here, not only would she find a home, but she would make companionship's with those whom she would fight and die beside without a second thought. This is where her heart belonged, and here she would start the beginning of an entirely new adventure.

Offices Held

Affiliated Groups

  • Rangers of Gawad Taur (Household) - Member (2013)


  • House of the Woven Blades - Co-Founder (2014)
  • House Fallstar - Member (2014)
  • House of the Troubadours - Founder (2015)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Co-Founder of Aureus Saltus Amtgard Park in Martinez, CA (2013)
  • Bestowed the title of Lady at Darkshore XIX (2016)


More Information

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